Home Water Delivery in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

We know that you want nothing but the best for your family—and that includes your drinking water. That is why we offer the purest water available in the DMV area. At DrinkMore Water, we value purity and taste over everything else, because we know that’s what matters to you. The tap water around here can leave much to be desired, but you don’t have to settle for the strange taste and questionable quality. DrinkMore Water is here to deliver the delicious, clean water you need, right to your door.

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MD, VA, and DC residents choose our bottled water company because we have:

Unmatched Water Quality

If you’re choosing bottled water, it means you aren’t satisfied with the tap water that is available to you. And if you’re paying for water, shouldn’t it be the absolute highest quality? At DrinkMore Water, we employ a rigorous 12-step purifying process to produce consistently pure water.

What does “pure” mean? With other words like “natural” and “spring water” thrown around in the water industry, the significance of each word can get lost in the mix. The FDA defines purified water as water that has undergone “distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis, or other suitable processes.” Spring water, on the other hand, doesn’t have a formal definition. It doesn’t have to come from a particular kind of source or go through a certain purifying process.

With our purified water, you know exactly what you’re paying for—because thanks to our 12-step process, our water passes the purity test every time.

BPA-Free Water Bottles

When news first broke about the controversy of BPA, we invested in completely turning over our bottle inventory to be made from PET. Clean water shouldn’t be spoiled by chemicals in the plastic that contains the water, and you shouldn’t have to worry about what your children might be ingesting as a result.

Convenient Home Delivery throughout MD, VA & DC

When DrinkMore Water first opened its doors as a business, we literally opened our doors—as a physical water store. We wanted to offer people the option of clean, purified water, but lugging five-gallon bottles of water home was not easy for many customers. So, we built out our bottled water delivery service and never looked back.

When you sign up for our home water delivery, all you need to do is specify how much water you need and how often you need it, and leave the rest of the work to us. And, if you ever run out early, you can trust that we will get you the water you need as quickly as possible.

Outstanding Customer Service

We value our water’s purity and the convenience of our service, but what we really take pride in is our customer service. Every single DrinkMore Water employee is passionate about getting our customers what they need when they need it. And being based in Gaithersburg, MD means we are all locals. If you ever need to call us, you can trust that a friendly, helpful voice will be on the other line, ready to get you whatever you need. Our delivery team will always show up to your door on time and with a smile. And don’t forget—we offer emergency water delivery so that you are never stranded without water, regardless of what the weather is like.

Our Home Water Delivery Options

We offer a variety of water and water cooler options for homeowners in MD, VA, and DC:

  • Three- and Five-Gallon Bottles: If purified water is going to be your primary drinking water, our 3 and 5 gallon water bottles are the choice for you. They feature a no-spill cap so that switching your bottle on your cooler never causes a mess. And whenever your next delivery comes, we take back the finished bottles so that they can be cleaned and re-used.
  • Bottled Water Cases: Many homeowners opt for our bottled water cases for when they need purified water on the go. Our bottled water comes in sizes ranging from 12 oz. to 1 gallon, with an option of a flat or sport cap.
  • Water Coolers: From hot/cold coolers to countertop coolers, we have water cooleroptions to suit your every need! We offer the option to rent or buy our Crystal Mountain water coolers.

Schedule Home Bottled Water Delivery in MD, DC & VA

If you are looking for unmatched water quality with top-notch customer service in the DMV area, you’ve come to the right place! At DrinkMore Water, we take water purity and convenience seriously. We are dedicated to your total satisfaction every time we deliver water to your home.

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