Bottled Water Delivery in Maryland, Washington, DC & Virginia

Whether you live in Maryland (MD), Northern Virginia (VA), or Washington, DC, DrinkMore Water is the company to call for bottled water delivery service! People choose DrinkMore Water because of our water’s exceptional purity and our commitment to fantastic customer service with a splash of fun!  We are locally-owned and have been the bottled water of choice for the greater Baltimore and Washington areas for almost 20 years!

We bottle our water in a variety of sizes – from 12oz bottles to 3 & 5 gallon jugs and every size in between.  We are one of the ONLY companies in the nation to completely phase out polycarbonate bottles.  Our containers are made of either PET (does NOT contain any BPA) or glass.  Our water coolers are the most reliable on the market and come in a variety of styles – and every cooler features a unique spill-proof system. Combined with our bottle’s built-in handle – there is no easier bottle to lift or change than a bottle of DrinkMore Water.

Although our first love is water, we’ve continually added new products to meet our customer’s evolving needs. Our current product line up includes: 5 gallon bottles in BPA-free plastic or glass, Crystal Mountain and Clover bottled water coolers, bottle-less filtration systems, bottle pumps, Purlogix R.O. and filtration coolers, crock dispensers, custom labeled water, Keurig single-cup coffee brewers, Green Mountain Coffee, lower cost pod-style brewers and coffee and much, much more.

So welcome to our new website.  This is our fourth and undoubtedly best website yet!  Click around and explore.  You can easily find your delivery calendar, check out our blog, learn about our coffee service or sign up for for our bottled water delivery service in just a few easy steps.  If you need help finding something, please don’t hesitate to call.

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5/5 based on 29 ratings and reviews for Service.


  • "Very good service and excellent water. "
    Customer: CAROLE
    Address: Silver Spring, Maryland

  • "I get my water when it is supposed to be delivered and am given notice when it is coming. Also, if there is a problem I am notified of the new delivery date. I am pleased with Drink More Water services."
    Customer: CHERIE
    Address: Baltimore, Maryland

  • "We signed up for glass bottled water delivery about a year ago, and have been so surprised at how organized and flexible DMW has been. If there's a month when we need less (or more?) water delivered, all we need do is leave a note for the Delivery person who then adjusts the delivery and invoicing accordingly. Fantastically easy. When friends and family come to visit they LOVE drinking water from our cooler and always say how much better the water tastes than the water from their fridge or tap in DC - without prompting! We also love the peace of mind that comes from having our kids drink 100% pure water, free of all the whatevers you find in DC tap water. Thank You Drink More Water. We recommend you whole heartedly."
    Customer: CLARE
    Address: Washington, District of Columbia

  • "Thank you for years of reliable service! (I especially like your policy of telephone reminders to tell us, a couple of days ahead, that a delivery is coming.)"
    Customer: DAN
    Address: Cabin John, Maryland

  • "Drink More Water has provided very good service - I have asked for additional communications and the team was very responsive."
    Customer: DAVID
    Address: Baltimore, Maryland

  • "I like getting the phone call before the delivery to let me know it's coming. The people who come are always very nice and move quickly. If things stay the same, I will not switch companies."
    Customer: DENISE
    Address: Phoenix, Maryland

  • "Your consistency in keeping me on the monthly list is excellent. The delivery men (two different ones) have also been good in avoiding traffic problems either by coming v. early or around noon. The system works. Best of all, the water is great. Thanks very much. Deedy Ogden"
    Customer: DIANA
    Address: Washington, District of Columbia

  • "Someone always answers the phone - no automated maze to navigate through. Always pleasant, accommodating and helpful. I woudl recommend this service to anyone who asked my opinion"
    Customer: ANDY
    Address: Olney, Maryland

    Customer: ANISIA SILVA
    Address: Rockville, Maryland

  • "wonderful service, for years!"
    Customer: ANN
    Address: Washington, District of Columbia

  • "Love your product and service. Thank you"
    Customer: BARBARA
    Address: Rockville, Maryland

  • "Service is excellent"
    Customer: BART OR JIMMY
    Address: Arlington, Virginia

  • "We never have to think about whether DMW will show up - they do, like clockwork, and even change our order when the driver has already left if we call in a change. Bottles are left where we ask every time, and the office staff couldn't be nicer or more helpful. "
    Customer: BETH
    Address: Reston, Virginia

  • "Very happy with my recurring home delivery."
    Customer: BRAD
    Address: Elmont, New York

  • "I am quite happy with the service. Thanks."
    Customer: BRIAN
    Address: Arlington, Virginia

  • "I had spent 12+ years with another water company but the Customer Service declined severely. I did research and found good feedback on DrinkMore Water and they were right. Great company - great customer service. Thanks!"
    Customer: CAMILLE
    Address: Santa Rosa, California

  • "My experience with DrinkMoreWater has always been excellent."
    Customer: CHRIS
    Address: Germantown, Maryland

  • "Very easy to work with, reliable delivery and good quality/tasting water! Thank you for the service."
    Customer: DAWN
    Address: Sedalia, Missouri

  • "Service is excellent. Quick delivery when requested and as promised."
    Customer: DENNIE
    Address: Alexandria, Virginia

  • "Deliveries of our water have always been on time. When we've had questions determining who and how to contact Drinkmorewater has always been easy, convenient and they've always been responsive and helpful."
    Customer: DOUGLAS
    Address: Arlington, Virginia