Carbon Filtration

DrinkMore Water offers great bottle-less water coolers from Crystal Mountain Coolers, a leading global manufacturer of water dispensers. Crystal Mountain prides itself on manufacturing high quality bottle-less water coolers specifically designed for the needs of offices. These highly economical bottle-less water coolers utilize 3 stage carbon filtration for efficient odor, taste and chlorine reduction. With low maintenance and reliable performance these bottle-less coolers are a great solution for your office water needs.

DrinkMore Water carries two excellent models of Crystal Mountain Bottle-less Water Coolers – the Glacier and the Avalanche.

Crystal Mountain – Glacier Bottle-less Water Cooler

The Glacier model is high quality freestanding bottle-less (point of use) water dispenser that is available in Room Temp & Cold  and Hot & Cold models. The rounded cabinet and fluted front give the Glacier a classic Greek column design that looks great in an office setting. The polyethylene cabinet’s smooth finish is easily cleaned and maintained. This sturdy commercial grade cooler will reliably deliver years of trouble free performance with filter changes every 6-12 months depending on use.Crystal Mountain Glacier Bottle-less Water Cooler

Crystal Mountain Glacier bottle-less water cooler highlights include:

  • 3 stage carbon filtration
  • Noise dampening technology – compressor muffler system
  • One piece blow molded polyethylene cabinet
  • Free standing internal structure
  • Child resistant handle is standard on the Hot faucet
  • Epoxy coated aluminum evaporator band
  • Tomlinson FDA approved self-closing faucets
  • Adjustable cold water thermostat
  • Removable drip tray

Crystal Mountain – Avalanche Bottle-less Water Cooler

For smaller spaces DrinkMore Water carries the Crystal Mountain Avalanche bottle-less water cooler. The Avalanche is a compact counter-top bottle-less cooler that is designed to fit conveniently on a kitchen or office counter-top. The space saving Avalanche bottle-less (point-of-use) water dispenser is available in Hot & Cold and Cold Only models and features LED indicator lights to show when the water is at its optimum temperature. With noise dampening technology the compressor in this compact unit provides exceptional cooling and runs very quietly – perfect for the office environmenCrystal Mountain Avalanche Bottle-less Water Coolert.

Crystal Mountain Avalanche bottle-less water cooler highlights include:

  • 3 stage carbon filtration
  • Child resistant handle is standard on the Hot faucet
  • Double mechanical float system for reliable operation and safety precaution
  • Manual reset switch located at top of system for easy access
  • Durable polyethylene cabinet comes with UV protection to prevent fading
  • FDA approved self-closing Tomlinson faucets
  • Removable drip tray