Team DrinkMore

We have a fantastic team of employees at DrinkMore Water! From the drivers that deliver the water to the men responsible for maintaining the highest purification and bottling standards in the industry to the ladies and gentlemen in the office that personally handle your orders, inquires and phone calls, the DrinkMore Team ROCKS!!!  If you have a question, they answer it.  If you have a comment, they listen and respond.  If you have a complaint, they’ll fix it.  If you need an emergency delivery, consider it done!

Our DrinkMore Team is the business equivalent of the Dream Team – fantastic players that have been hand-selected to provide truly Outstanding Customer Service!  That’s all of our jobs from the Big Cheese on down – to provide Outstanding Customer Service.  And what’s even more incredible is how much fun we have doing it.  Every day, our office team is goofing around and having fun.  We truly like each other and like being around each other. It’s such a fantastic atmosphere to work in.  When the guys come back from delivering, everyone is laughing and having fun while we’re working hard – can’t tell you just how important that is.  But it is sooo important when it comes to answering the phones.  If someone is answering the phones in a bad mood – that reflects very poorly on our business.  Everyone has experienced that kind of person.

But I can tell you, I probably get 3-4 emails or phone calls or comments from customers each and every week telling me how happy, friendly and helpful our customer service reps are.  People ask all the time – how do we find such happy people?  Well, it starts with finding happy people with great attitudes.  And having a fun, unassuming work environment is another key ingredient in the recipe.

We have real people answering the phone – just like in the old days.  No answering machines (unless it’s after-hours) and no long waiting for someone to speak with.  We LIKE talking to our customers!  We want our customers to be super happy with their decision to use DrinkMore Water.  And we guarantee you’re going to be happy with all of your interactions with the DrinkMore Water Team!!