Custom Water Bottle Labels for Restaurants in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

Many restaurants choose to offer their patrons bottled water as an alternative to the local tap water. When supplying your customers with bottled water, don’t miss the opportunity to promote your business with custom water bottle labels from DrinkMore Water!

Customers are more concerned than ever about the quality of the products they consume, as well as their origins. When it comes to water, it’s no secret that while municipally sourced water is mandated by the federal government to be safe to drink, it doesn’t often taste all that great. The reason for the poor taste is the same reason that it is considered safe: chemicals such as chlorine have been added to help combat the impurities. When customers order a meal from your restaurant, the quality of your water can say a lot about the quality of your food, making bottled water a better choice for taste and purity.

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Five Great Reasons to Choose Custom Water Bottle Labels from DrinkMore Water

Show customers you care by offering them the purest bottled water on the market, while simultaneously showcasing your beautiful, custom-designed label. Your eye-catching design will remain in the minds of everyone who sees it, quietly reminding them to choose your restaurant for their next meal. This subtle, affordable method of advertising is highly effective and profitable—after all, why display another company’s logo when you can showcase your own? Need more great reasons to order your custom water bottle labels from DrinkMore Water?

  1. Cost-effective ads – Capitalize on your cost of purchasing bottled water by adding a custom label to promote your brand throughout the surrounding neighborhoods.
  2. Brand recognition – The custom label on your restaurant water bottle is a form of mobile marketing that helps consumers to visualize and recognize your brand. Once they leave the premises with your bottle, there’s no telling how far it might go.
  3. Connection – Customers will feel a genuine connection to your business after having a meal there and having a visual reminder of your brand to hang on to afterward.
  4. Complimentary design services – Our talented designers will help you craft the perfect label to put on your restaurant water bottles, free of charge.
  5. Selection – Our water bottles come in a range of sizes, from eight oz. to one liter, and in your choice of flat top or sport cap.

Tips for Customizing Your Restaurant Water Bottles

Maximize profits and design a label they won’t soon forget with these tips:

  • Choose your colors wisely. While there is no limit to the amount of colors you can have on your DrinkMore Water custom labels, be sure to remain consistent with your existing logo for easy identification. Cohesive color choices help to tie the various elements of your brand together and look more professional.
  • Keep it simple. Ensure your label is easy to read and identify from a distance, in order to reach a larger audience. Avoid overly busy graphics or an abundance of colors, which may become muddled and lose their impact.
  • Stand out from the crowd. Opt for a font that is easy to read and easy on the eyes.
  • Be concise. You don’t need to put too much information on your label—the goal is to help customers find you. Include your logo, contact information, and tagline or brief description of the type of food you offer.

Design Custom Labels for Your Restaurant in MD, VA, or DC

Custom labels from DrinkMore Water are an affordable, easy way to market your restaurant using a product you already have. All of our labels are 100 percent scratch proof and waterproof for a high quality finish on the outside that matches the quality of our water on the inside.

Call DrinkMore Water today at 301-417-9333 to get started designing your custom water bottle label for your restaurant in Maryland, Virginia, or DC! Or, contact us online for more information or to place an order.