Impurities in Tap Water

The local tap water usually meets federally mandated guidelines for drinking water and it’s certainly less expensive than bottled water. However, it has many impurities in it. It has chemicals – like chlorine – added to it. And many people don’t enjoy the way it tastes.

I always get a laugh from the water that restaurants serve. Nice restaurants always pride themselves on the quality of their food, but they always start you off (or at least most of the time) with a glass of water straight from the tap. It can taste awful. Makes you wonder how good their food is going to be.

Tap water is obviously a very important service provided to the community. It’s used to help fight fires, wash clothes, flush toilets, water lawns and take showers. The problem is that every single gallon of tap water must meet minimum standards. The local authorities don’t know whether you’re going to drink a particular gallon or flush it down the toilet. So every gallons need to meet the minimum standards. Did you know that we drink less than ½ of one percent of all the tap water produced?

It is true that you can save money by using tap vs. bottled water. But when 70% of your body is compromised of water and water is vital to your quality of life – then you should treat yourself and choose the best, choose the highest purity, choose DrinkMore! (You can still use the tap water to wash your car and take a shower!)