Branding at Events

Custom Labeled Water – Events

Looking to get your name out into the community? Why not put your name on everyone’s lips with our incredibly popular custom labeled water? We’ll do everything from label design to event planning to distribution. DrinkMore Water provides the water for literally hundreds of events throughout the Baltimore-Washington area every year and you can become a water sponsor for any of those events with your labels on the bottles instead of ours. It’s a fantastic PR opportunity and it makes a big splash at the event!!

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Achieve high-impact marketing at special events with our custom labeled bottled water. Sponsorship of select local events creates great brand exposure for your business in the greater Baltimore/Washington area.

We offer complete event services:

  • Delivery to special events- always on time!
  • Weekend deliveries including early morning deliveries
  • 5 gallon bottles to go along with custom cases

To learn more about upcoming event marketing opportunities contact 800-495-1466