Water 101

What is in My Tap Water?

What a fantastic question!  The more consumers know exactly what is in tap water, the more intelligent decisions they can make concerning the the type of water they ultimately choose for their families to drink.  That’s what this section of our website is all about – providing logical information and analysis to consumers about all things water.  We cover a multitude of issues and concerns – and give you our opinion on the subject matter.  Many topics are explored in depth and we strive to additional topics at a regular interval.  So scroll down the list and see if your concern is listed.  If it isn’t, please feel free to email the company and ask us a question!!

Some of our most popular topics include:

Types of Water                                                      Impurities in Tap Water

Spring Water vs Purified Water                            Distilled Water vs. Purified Water

Minerals in Water                                                   Fluoride In Water

Perchlorates in Water                                            Drugs, Homones and Antibiotics in Water

Alkaline Water

We also cover a number of topics regarding the types of plastics used to make water bottles, including:

Plastic Bottles                                                        Bisphenol-A (BPA)

Glass Bottles                                                          Are Bottles Safe to be Reused?

And please, spend some time looking through the rest of our website – our goal is to be THE authority when it comes to the water you drink!