Water Cooler Rental & Delivery in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

For over 20 years, DrinkMore Water has stood for excellence, purity, and quality in products and services, including our water coolers. We offer an outstanding selection from leading manufacturers including Crystal Mountain™, Oasis®, and each one is available for rent or purchase. All of the water coolers we offer are suitable for use with our five-gallonthree-gallon, and glass bottles to suit your individual needs and preferences.

For top quality residential and commercial water cooler services in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, call the experts at DrinkMore Water today at 301-417-9333, or contact us online to let us know how we can help! 

How to Choose the Right Water Cooler for Your Home or Office

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a water cooler for your home or business, which will determine your overall satisfaction and maximize your investment, including:

  • Would you prefer to rent or purchase? Both options are available on all our models, but if you’re looking for a long-term solution, purchasing may be a better choice.
  • Do you have small children at home? Consideration may need to be given regarding placement, accessibility, and safety in spaces where younger children are present.
  • Would you like access to hot and cold water? Have instant access to hot water for making tea, coffee, or other hot beverages with a hot/cold water cooler.
  • Are there any space restrictions? If you’re lacking floor space, a counter top cooler is a great alternative.

Our Selection of Water Coolers

DrinkMore Water has a wide array of water cooler options to suit every need. While each type is unique in its own way, all of our coolers have the following features:

  • Unrivaled five-year warranty on the compressor
  • Compatibility with our five gallon, three gallon, or glass bottles
  • Equipped with DryGuard™ water guard to prevent leakage
  • Extremely durable

Hot/Cold Coolers

Choose from either a Crystal Mountain™ with dual, color coded taps that dispense ice cold water (blue tap) or steaming hot water (red tap). In an office environment where employees would benefit for quick access to hot water for instant soup, tea, hot chocolate, and more, a hot/cold water cooler can help save time and money.

Cook & Cold Coolers

Choose from either a Crystal Mountain™ which dispense water at two different temperatures: cold water for drinking, and room temperature water for food preparation or cooking. Cook/cold coolers are suitable for the home or office, or anywhere you may want a variety of temperature options.

Stainless Coolers

For the ultimate in design and functionality choose a stainless cooler, which offers both hot and cold water options. Choose from a Crystal Mountain™ or Oasis® cooler if you’re looking for a more stylish option for your home or office, or if you want the cooler to match your home appliances.

Countertop Coolers

Whether you’re short on floor space or prefer to have a more compact countertop cooler, Crystal Mountain™ coolers are available as either hot/cold or cold water only dispensers.

Designer Coolers

The Everest water cooler by Crystal Mountain™ is our premium designer cooler for those wanting a more upscale look and feel. The sleek, modern design suits any décor in your home or office, and dispenses both hot and cold water for the utmost in flexibility.

Crock & Stand

Ceramic crocks dispense our delicious water at room temperature and rest on a sturdy, stylish stand that will look right at home in any relaxed setting. Crock and stand coolers are available for purchase only, with an optional water guard to protect your surroundings from spills or leakage.

Schedule Water Delivery in Maryland, Virginia, or DC

DrinkMore Water is committed to providing customers with the highest quality water, products, and services. Our local owned and operated company has been working since 1993 to bring top-quality water to our local community and to establish a personal connection with each of our valued customers throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

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