Types of Bottles

At DrinkMore Water, we carry two different types of bottles – BPA-free PET bottles and glass bottles and we carry them in both the 3-gallon and 5-gallon sizes.

Our BPA-free bottles are made from PET – more technically known as polyethylene terapthalate.  Most importantly, they are great bottles with convenient carrying handles imbedded into each one of the 5-gallon bottles.  And, of course, they contain ZERO BPA.  Originally, most of our bottles were made from polycarbonate, but as a company, we made the decision more than four years ago to eliminate all of the polycarbonate bottles from our inventory.  Both our 3-gallon and 5-gallon plastic jugs are made from PET.  Unfortunately, our 3-gallon bottles do not yet have handles – but we’re working on that!  Luckily, the 3-gallon bottles are lighter in weight than the 5-gallon bottles, so it hasn’t been a huge issue.  And, by the way, we were one of the first – if not THE first – company in the country to change all of their bottle inventory from polycarbonate bottles to PET bottle.  That cost us more than $1 million but our customers are worth it!!

We also carry glass bottles.  This is a great story.  We first started carrying glass bottles about 8 years ago.  There was a factory in Mexico that literally made 99% of all the 5-gallon glass bottles in the USA.  So, based on customer demand, we made the decision to carry them and bought a truckload of the bottles.  There are many customers out there who want the purest possible water in the purest possible container – and that means DrinkMore Water in glass jugs.  Unfortunately, the plant in Mexico shut down about 5 years ago – that was not optimal.  The only place we could then source our 5-gallon glass bottles was Italy – and the cost was almost twice as much.  As a result, the glass bottles are very expensive to purchase and therefore it costs considerably more to get your water delivered in these glass containers.  Well, it’s not really a great story.  I always tell people that I need to go visit the plant in Italy – really any excuse to go visit Italy is a great reason to go!

So we carry glass bottles in both the 3-gallon and 5-gallon sizes.  They’re a little heavier than our PET bottles and they definitely have to handled carefully.  But if you’re looking for the purest water in the purest container – order yourself some DrinkMore Water in our glass bottles!