Custom Water Bottle Labels for Hotels in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

Bottled water is more than just a trend—more and more individuals and businesses across the globe are becoming aware of the health benefits associated with drinking more water. But being healthy is about more than just quantity. It is vital that the water inside those bottles is of the highest quality to ensure the wellbeing and safety of those who consume it.

When choosing a product to represent your brand, bottled water from DrinkMore Water is the perfect choice. Our proprietary 12-step purification process ensures you receive the highest quality of water on the market today. When you combine our pure, great-tasting water with BPA-free bottles and custom labels, the end result is a product that your customers will use and appreciate while effortlessly promoting your hotel wherever they go.

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The Benefits of Custom Water Bottles

Regardless of whether you operate a world-class resort, large or small hotel chain, or a boutique hotel, custom water bottle labels from DrinkMore Water are an affordable, easy way to advertise your business. Benefits include:

  • Association – Choosing a high quality, great-tasting product to represent your business helps your guests equate that same quality with your hotel.
  • Exposure – Chances are, those who visit your hotel will be visiting other parts of the city during their stay. As they lounge by the pool, shop, visit popular attractions, or spend time exploring, each time they take a drink your label and your brand will be visible to any number of potential customers.
  • Creativity – The design of your label is limited only by your imagination. Our team will work with you to create the perfect label to represent your hotel.
  • Environmentally friendly choice –Promote your commitment to the environment by choosing water bottles made from 100 percent recycled plastic.
  • Affordability – When compared with other types of advertising, including print, custom water bottles are an affordable alternative that have the added benefit of mobility. You never know where your guests will take their custom water bottle!
  • Universal appeal – Everyone drinks water, and custom water bottles are an easy way for your guests to stay healthy and hydrated whether on vacation, at a meeting or convention, or on a business trip.
  • Brand recognition – Consumers will remember your specialized water bottles and may even take them back home. The next time they are ready to book a hotel your custom label may help them to remember your hotel, making them more likely to book with you again.

The DrinkMore Water Difference

In addition to providing customers throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC with the purest bottled water on the market, there are a number of other advantages to partnering with DrinkMore Water for your custom hotel water bottle labels:

  • Selection – We recognize that each business is unique, so we provide you with the utmost in selection with a variety of bottle sizes and caps. Choose from a range of sizes starting at eight oz. up to one liter, with your choice of a flat or sport cap.
  • Design services – Our talented team of designers will work closely with you to ensure your custom label meets your exacting standards and accurately represents your brand. Our design services are free and there is no limit to the number of colors or level of detail you can have on your label.
  • Quality – DrinkMore Water custom water bottle labels are 100 percent scratch-proof and waterproof, so your label remains clearly visible under almost any condition.
  • Dedication – After your first order has been completed, we will keep your information on file and warehouse an inventory of your labels for an even faster turnaround time on future orders.

Design a Custom Water Bottle Label for Your MD, VA, or DC Hotel

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