Why Choose Drinkmore Water?

Whether you are thinking about switching your bottled water supplier or are signing up for bottled water for the first time, we’d like you to know why we think you should choose DrinkMore Water!

1.  DrinkMore Water is the Purest Bottled Water on the Market.

Our custom-engineered 12-stage purification process ensures the absolute highest quality for every drop you drink! After all, isn’t purity the primary reason why you’re buying bottled water in the first place? Don’t settle for lower quality spring water – purified water is purer than any spring water available.

2.   BPA-Free Bottles with Handles (and Glass Bottles, Too!)

DrinkMore Water was the FIRST company to completely phase out polycarbonate bottles.  All of our bottles are made from PET resin – a resin that does NOT contain any BPA (bisphenol-A).  Plus, all of our bottles have convenient handles, which make it easy to load a fresh bottle onto your cooler and keep unsanitary hand prints off the bottle neck.  And just for good measure, we also carry glass 5 and 3 gallon bottles – which are the absolute highest purity container on the market (although the glass bottles unfortunately do not have handles).

3.  No-spill Coolers and Crocks

All of our water coolers and crocks come with a no-spill system where the cap always stays on the bottle – and therefore you never spill a drop when loading a fresh bottle onto your cooler. The spill-free system also keeps out dust and germs! Let’s not forget that DrinkMore carries an extensive line of coolers – Hot & Cold, Room-Temp & Cold, countertop coolers, stainless steel coolers, stylish coolers and ultra-easy bottom load coolers.

 4.   Rush Delivery Service at no Extra Charge

At one time or another, almost everyone runs out of water.  Many bottled water companies tell you wait until your scheduled delivery day.  Many times, that’s ok for the customer.  But on occasion, you simply can’t wait that long.  DrinkMore will go above and beyond the call of duty to get you your bottled water delivery ahead of schedule – sometimes even the same day.  If we can’t get to you that day, we’ll be there the next day.  We promise.  Never run out of water again!

5.  Simply Outstanding Customer Service

Wouldn’t it be nice if every company treated its customers like solid gold?  Well, at DrinkMore Water, that’s EXACTLY how we treat our customers.  Your phone calls are expertly handled by happy, friendly people.  We actually answer our phones.  No remote call centers in Boston or Tuscaloosa.  No computerized call answering with long hold times.  We try to answer every call within 3 rings.  We are here to help our valued customers with whatever they need.  Can’t tell you how many compliments we get about our fantastic employees – from the staff answering the phones to our handsome Chippendale drivers – our employees are here to serve you!

6.   Local, American-owned Company that has Won 4 Community Service Awards

Whenever you’re looking to do business with a company, it’s important to see what, if any, awards the company has earned. It kind of gives you a flavor for what the company is all about. At DrinkMore Water, we couldn’t be more proud of the many awards that we’ve earned over the years. Click here to see a few of our more noteworthy awards!! In the picture, General Colin Powell presents DrinkMore Water with the 2000 Community Service Award.

We could go on and on about the many reasons why you should choose DrinkMore Water for all of your bottled water needs – but we don’t want to brag too much!!