Bottle-less Coolers

DrinkMore Water proudly provides bottle-less water cooler service to offices throughout the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC metro area. Our premium bottleless water coolers connect directly into a water line and then filter the water for an endless supply of pure drinking water for your office. Since 1993 locally owned and operated DrinkMore Water has focused on providing not only the best products but unrivaled customer service and reliability.

What bottleless water cooler service options are available?Crystal Mountain Glacier Bottle-less Cooler

DrinkMore Water offers several different types of bottleless water service with differing levels of purification. Our most economical option features bottleless coolers by Crystal Mountain that use a three stage carbon filter to improve the taste and odor of the water. These classic bottle-less coolers are very popular in the office place and are available in either hot & cold or cold only.

DrinkMore Water also offers high quality bottle-less coolers by Purlogix Bottle-less Water CoolersPurlogix. These modern coolers offer several different levels of purification ranging from multi-stage carbon and sediment filtration to advanced reverse osmosis purification technology. All purlogix units feature UV (ultraviolet) disinfection to maintain a bacteria free water reservoir.

Another option offered by DrinkMore Water is the Interpure IP1U bottle-less cooler. Featuring sleek European styling and a microprocessor control the Interpure bottle-less water cooler Interpure IP1U Bottle-less Water Cooleroffers multi-stage sediment and carbon filtration. With a touch of a button your office can enjoy instant hot or cold water that tastes great. The Interpure bottle-less cooler is constructed with heavy gauge, powder coated steel for durability and is certified for worldwide industry standards

What are the benefits of bottle-less water cooler service?

Bottle-less water coolers have many benefits when compared to plastic water bottles including:

Highly Cost Effective – Since the bottle-less cooler draws water directly from the waterline there is no need to pay a water delivery service.

Low Maintenance & Convenient – Eliminate the need to lift and store heavy water bottles along with the potential for spilled water and injuries. Your office will not need to worry about reordering or running out of water. If you ever have an issue or need a filter change then DrinkMore Water will promptly assist you.

Healthier & More Sanitary – A bottle-less water cooler is a contained system that is not exposed to contaminants in the air or touched internally by human hands. For the most sanitary conditions choose a bottle-less unit with built in UV disinfection to eliminate the potential for bacteria in the reservoir.

Environmentally Friendly – Bottle-less water coolers provide water to an office in a very environmentally friendly manner. Water comes directly from the existing water source in the office and you reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for a bottled water delivery service.

Improved Water Quality and Taste – DrinkMore Water carries bottle-less water cooler systems designed to significantly improve the quality and taste of water by using the latest purification technologies such as Activated Carbon Filtration, Sediment Removal, Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultraviolet Disinfection (UV). Our bottle-less water coolers will provide your office with a continuous, renewable supply of great tasting drinking water.