Purlogix Bottle-less Water CoolersDrinkMore Water is pleased to provide Purlogix bottle-less water coolers to offices throughout the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC area. These outstanding bottle-less water coolers use state of the art purification technology to produce extremely pure water in an affordable and environmentally friendly manner. The Purlogix bottle-less coolers connect directly into the office water line and eliminate the need for heavy water bottles – freeing up valuable floor space. Once installed a purlogix bottle-less water cooler will provide an endless supply of pure, fresh water with virtually no maintenance except for an occasional filter change provided by DrinkMore Water.

What Purlogix bottle-less water coolers are offered by DrinkMore Water?

DrinkMore Water offers several different types of Purlogix bottle-less water coolers with differing levels of purification. All units feature UV tank technology to eliminate bacteria and maintain absolute reservoir cleanliness. Our most economical option is the Purlogix PMV-2000N bottle-less cooler featuring multi-stage carbon and sediment filtration to improve the taste and odor of the water. This classic white bottle-less cooler is very popular in the office place and is available in hot & cold.

If you are looking for a truly premium bottle-less water cooler for your office then a Purlogix PRV-200N bottle-less cooler is perfect for you. With a sleek modern exterior and powerful reverse osmosis membrane technology the Purlogix PRV-2000N bottle-less water cooler produces an endless, renewable supply of the highest quality drinking water. This top of the line model also includes multi-stage carbon and sediment filtration to compliment the reverse osmosis filtration. The Purlogix PRV-2000N dispenses hot & cold water and is available in either a black or white exterior.

If your office is seeking a space saving bottle-less water cooler solution then the Purlogix PCMV-1000N is the best option for you. This compact model can fit into smaller areas and be placed directly on a counter-top or table-top for easy access to pure, refreshing drinking water for the entire office. This potent unit utilizes multi-stage carbon and sediment filtration to improve the taste and odor of your drinking water. Available in either black or white exterior the Purlogix PCMV-1000N dispenses both hot and cold water.

Why choose DrinkMore Water for your Purlogix bottle-less water cooler service needs?

Purlogix bottle-less water coolers represent an outstanding choice for providing a source of pure, refreshing water to your office. Once you have made the wise decision to get one of these great Purlogix bottle-less coolers you’ll want to make sure it is from a company that provides reliable customer service and regular filter changes. DrinkMore Water is just such a company. Since 1993 DrinkMore Water has been providing outstanding customer service to clients throughout the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC area. If your Purlogix bottle-less water cooler needs maintenance or a filter change you want a company that is going to quickly respond to your needs and ensure there is no interruption to your supply of pure, fresh and healthy drinking water. DrinkMore Water provides not only top notch bottle-less water coolers but also the most reliable and professional customer service in the industry and is happy to serve you. So what are you waiting for? Contact DrinkMore Water now to get started with a Purlogix bottle-less water cooler!