Child-Proof Water Cooler Spigots

Anyone with young children knows that kids can become fascinated with virtually anything. The world is their playground! For that reason, all hot/cold water coolers from DrinkMore Water come with a child-proof spigot on the hot spigot. We also offer child-proof spigots that can be attached to the cold side of your water cooler.

To order a child-proof spigot for your water cooler, or to schedule bottled water delivery in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC, contact us online!

Our Selection of Water Coolers

DrinkMore Water offers a variety of water coolers to suit your every need. All of our coolers include the following features:

  • Five-year warranty on the compressor
  • Compatibility with our five-gallon, three-gallon, or glass bottles
  • DryGuard™ water guard to prevent leakage
  • High durability

Hot/Cold Coolers

For the ultimate in convenience, opt for one of our hot/cold cooler from Crystal Mountain. Make instant soup, tea, hot chocolate, and more with the always-hot water, or choose the cool side for crisp, refreshing water. Every hot and cold cooler we sell or rent can come with a child-proof hot spigot and customers can request a child-proof spigot for the cold spigot.

Cook & Cold Coolers

Cook/cold coolers are perfect for those who want easy access to room-temperature water while cooking, in addition to cold water for drinking.

Stainless Coolers

If aesthetics is your primary concern, choose a stainless cooler, which offers both hot and cold water options. Choose from a Crystal Mountain™ or Oasis® cooler if you’re looking for a more stylish option to match your home appliances.

Countertop Coolers

Whether you’re short on floor space or want the water cooler to be out of reach of your children, Crystal Mountain countertop coolers are available as either hot/cold or cold water only dispensers.

Bottom-loading Storm Coolers

We also offer the increasingly popular bottom-loading cooler from Crystal Mountain: the Storm cooler for those wanting a cooler that’s easily loaded without having to lift a bottle up. These sleek and handy coolers dispense both hot and cold water.

Crock & Stand

If you’re looking for room-temperature water, our ceramic crocks are the perfect solutions for you. They dispense our delicious water at room temperature and rest on a sturdy, stylish stand that will look right at home in any relaxed setting. Crock and stand coolers are available for purchase only, with an optional water guard to protect your surroundings from spills or leakage.

Schedule Bottled Water Delivery in MD, DC, or VA

If your family is in need of bottled water delivery in the DMV area, you’ve come to the right place! We offer the purest water with the friendliest customer service and delivery. Our 12-step purification process guarantees our water is completely safe for your children to drink.

Keep your water cooler or dispenser safe for your family with our child-proof hot and cold spigots! Each child-proof spigot is $8.00.

To schedule bottled water delivery in Maryland, DC, or Virginia, contact us online!