Water Analysis

Our detailed bottled water analysis is linked below. We are continuously testing the quality of our water throughout the day. Our purification system is truly as state-of-the-art as it can get. We have a multitude of sophisticated electronic analyzers that are literally testing the product quality every second of the production day. We have a brand new laboratory where we routinely take samples of our product and test for everything from chlorine to bacteria to total dissolved solids (TDS).

Many companies hide their water analysis or don’t readily provide it on their website. Not us. It’s all right here in black and white so you can see for yourself all the chemicals and pesticides that are NOT DETECTABLE in our bottled water. Our water EXCEEDS every standard ever promulgated by a very wide margin.

It’s funny, sometimes you hear on TV or read that tap water standards are higher than bottled water standards. That is absolutely 100% false!! Bottled water standards for many impurities are far lower than tap water standards. The FDA regulates bottled water. They inspect our facilities on a regular basis, but we go even further. We subject our purification and bottling facility to an even more thorough inspection protocol – one that ensures the highest standards of quality in bottled water. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) performs a very detailed inspection and, in order to pass, a facility must meet or exceed the most stringent of standards. And that’s why we are so proud of our facility. I would encourage you to take our plant tour in person or, alternatively, watch our little plant tour video here.

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