St. Andrew Apostle School Fundraising Push


Dear St. Andrew’s Parents & Supporters,

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If you’re reading this, you probably have a child attending St. Andrew Apostle School or know someone that does, and you’re interested in doing what you can do to help the school meet its fundraising goals. That’s good because, as I type this, the school has raised a total of $16,000 (including Innisbrook, restaurant night, carnival, and the Sandy Spring event) of the minimum we need to raise ($30,000), and we’re really going to have to hump it if we want to reach our real goal, which is $73,500.

My name is Ben Landers. I’m a proud parent of a child attending St. Andrew Apostle School, and I’m a parishioner. Working with Bob Perini, the president of DrinkMore Water, I’ve got an awesome way for you to help St. Andrew’s meet exceed its fundraising goals while simultaneously making a healthy choice for your home or office. From now until the end of the 2013-14 school year, DrinkMore Water will donate $100 to St. Andrew Apostle School for any new customer that signs up for our home or office delivery service!

AND on top of DrinkMore’s generous offer, an anonymous donor has offered to donate an additional $25 to St. Andrew Apostle School for each of the first 100 people that take advantage of this program!

To set up an account, contact DrinkMore Water today! You can call the number on this page or use the website contact form on the right. Don’t forget to mention St. Andrew Apostle School when you sign up.

Of course, in order for your sign up to qualify for the donation, some basic stipulations apply, but it’s all very standard stuff. DrinkMore Water is locally owned and operated. Their service is very affordable (about $30 per month for a family of four and this cost includes a cooler). All of DrinkMore Water’s bottles are BPA-free, and their water is the best you’ve ever tasted!

If you need a personal testimonial for their products or services, you can contact me directly I’ve known Bob Perini and have been a DrinkMore Water delivery customer for more than 10 years. Bob is a first-class guy, and in DrinkMore Water he has built a world-class company. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Thank you for reading and for your support. Let’s raise some money and DrinkMore Water!!!

Ben Landers
Parishioner & Proud Parent