Pharmaceutical Drugs Found in DC Area Water Supply

As many people have already heard, The Associated Press (AP) just reported that it conducted an extensive 5-month investigation into the possible existence of various pharmaceutical drugs in the nation’s water supply. The study indicated that both tap water systems (where trace pharmaceutical compounds were found in 24 of 28 major water systems tested) and many of the nation’s watersheds (where 28 of 35 tested watersheds were found to contain some of these compounds) were contaminated.

According to the AP, “In the United States, the problem isn’t confined to surface waters. Pharmaceuticals also permeate aquifers deep underground, source of 40 percent of the nation’s water supply. Federal scientists who drew water in 24 states from aquifers near contaminant sources such as landfills and animal feed lots found minuscule levels of hormones, antibiotics and other drugs”. That means that well waters and spring waters may also be implicated.

At DrinkMore Water, we have built our Company on the fundamental belief that the single, most important way to choose one’s drinking water is by its purity. Purity is paramount. That’s why our custom-designed purification system employs the latest and most effective technologies currently available. In fact, in the AP report itself – our technology is the only technology mentioned that eliminates virtually all of these trace pharmaceutical compounds.

According to the AP, “One technology, reverse osmosis, removes virtually all pharmaceutical contaminants but is very expensive for large-scale use …” The centerpiece of the DrinkMore Water purification system is, in fact, reverse osmosis technology. Yes, it is expensive to install and maintain, but the purity of our product demands nothing less. Many people – customers and non-customers alike – have called us today asking the question of whether DrinkMore’s technology can remove pharmaceutical compounds from the water – and the answer is a resounding yes. Our technology removes virtually all of these types of compounds. In fact, we remove more than 99.5% of all impurities found in water. More than 99.5%!!

One question raised by the study is whether or not we’re looking at the tip of a veritable iceberg. There is little doubt that this very issue will be with us for a very long time. Do these compounds cause harm to humans in the amounts found? That is truly an impossible question to answer at this point and certainly, much more research needs to be done on this matter. But, in the DC area, the study looked at only six pharmaceutical compounds. There are literally tens of thousands of man-made chemical compounds in the environment. Are they all in the drinking water – hopefully, and almost certainly not. But, there will undoubtedly be further testing that shows that there are, in fact, many more compounds in the DC area’s tap water than were listed in the AP report.

What most people do not realize is that the municipal water suppliers actually do a very good job of making tap water “potable” or drinkable. The problem lies in the fact that we only drink about 1% of all tap water produced, the rest goes to flush toilets, wash clothes and cars, take showers and water the yard. Unfortunately, those municipal supplies don’t know which one gallon out of 100 gallons you’re going to drink – so they make all 100 gallons acceptable.

DrinkMore Water’s purification technologies are focused on that one gallon of water (out of a hundred gallons) that we actually drink. We strive to make that one gallon as pure as possible – so that people can have peace of mind that their drinking water supply does not contain any pharmaceutical compounds and for that matter, DrinkMore Water does not contain any chlorine, fluoride, aluminum, barium, copper, or nitrates. No coliform or E-coli. In fact, our purification technology is so comprehensive that our water exceeds all the U.S. Pharmacopeia standards for “Purified Water” – something no tap water and no spring water could ever claim.

DrinkMore Water’s proprietary ten-stage purification system ensures that your drinking water supply is safe from contamination. Rest assured